Early Book Review: Flutterby Field by Naqeeya A. R.

Flutterby Field by Naqeeya A. R. is a picturebook that is currently scheduled for release on July 6 2015. Flutterby Field is a special, beautiful place. it is filled with flutterbies and holds a special place in the hearts of a grandfather and granddaughter. Come visit ‘Flutterby Field’ and share in the bond of two people sharing a very special place.

Flutterby Field is a beautiful story, showing the bond between a grandfather and his granddaughter and their own special place. I liked how the story showed how they changed over the years, and how while the connection changed its importance and strength did not. The illustrations are wonderful, and impart the beauty of the field perfectly. My only problem is the use of 'flutterby' rather than butterfly. It is cute, and many kids start off by saying flutterby instead of butterfly. However, I found it distracting and a little frustrating since I am continually struggling to get my children to pronounce things more clearly and correctly.

Flutterby Field is a sweet story with a beautiful message about family and love. despite my annoyance with the language, I think many children, adults, and families will be able to enjoy this story. 
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