Book Review: Young Houdini: the Demon Curse by Simon Nicholson

Young Houdini: the Demon Curse is the second book in the Young Houdini series by Simon Nicholson. The story opens with Harry, Artie, and Billie waking up after being drugged and placed in trucks. They are on a train to New Orleans, with a note saying there are being sent to help a mysterious organization fight evil. When they arrive they discover the mayor is struck down with a mysterious illness and Billie's friends are being blamed for cursing him.  Can they uncover the threat to the mayor and those under suspicion before they become targets themselves?

I would suggest reading the Young Houdini series in order, but I think you could pick up on the important aspects in Young Houdini: the Demon Curse without ruining your enjoyment if you do not want to track down a copy of The Magician’s Fire, although I think you’d enjoy it. IN this adventure we are tossed into the action and mystery immediately. Who and what is the Order of the White Crow and why are they pulling the strings that put the three friends on their current path? What is really wrong with the New Orleans Mayor? Who would harm him and The Islanders? So many questions are formed at the start of the book, and they are swiftly added to. I will gladly saw most are answered by the end of the book, aside from those needed for the larger story arch. The suspense is high and Harry’s small group find themselves is some very tight situations that I know I would have liked to avoid. The final resolution even surprised me a little, partially because of its multiple layers, which was a nice thing. My only complaint would be that there were a few background things that I doubt the historical accuracy of, which will not both most readers but might irk history buffs. 

If you enjoyed  The Magician’s Fire, or historical mysteries, I would recommend picking up Young Houdini: the Demon Curse. The characters and action will grab most readers quickly, and will having them holding their breath as Harry, Arthur, and Billie work their way through another mystery and get themselves out of some seriously tight spots.

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