Book Review: From Bulb to Tulip by Lisa Owings

From Bulb to Tulip by Lisa Owings is a children's easy non fiction book. This book details the journey of a tulip from bulb to beautiful flower, including the care and environment that the growing plant needs. Each step and stage of development is covered, with clear, colorful pictures and step by step explanations in text accessible for young readers. 

From Bulb to Tulip is one of many books in a series of easy non fiction books about nature and the world around us. The book is organized with step by step instruction of how to plant and grow a tulip, as well as what that plant is doing that you cannot see. The text and images are basic enough that younger readers will not feel overwhelmed, but older readers will not feel talked down to as they read. This would be a good book to pair with classroom planting projects or starting a garden with young children. A good resource for home, school, and public libraries. 

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