Early Book Review: Me, Too! by Annika Dunklee and Lori Joy Smith

Me, Too! by Annika Dunklee and Lori Joy Smith is a picturebook about two friends which is currently schedule for publication on April 1 2015. There are many reasons why Annie is best friends with Lillemor, who is from Sweden. They have so many things in common that they spend as much time together as possible. But then Lilianne, a new girl from France, arrives. Annie can't stand that Lillemor has become friends with Lilianne, and that Lilianne seems to have more things in common with Lillemor than Annie does; like their names, which both begin with "Lil", and speaking a real foreign language! Has Annie lost her best friend forever?

Me, Too! is an honest and funny picturebook that children can easily relate to. when new friends, siblings, or anyone really comes into their lives they can feel threatened. This book captures the rhythms of children's relationships and emotions, while reminding them that there's always room for new people in their lives. The artwork is playful and makes good use of dialogue bubbles to enhance the text. The use of Swedish and French, complete with translation, makes it good for introducing foreign languages to the younger set and help them recognized that even if we cannot understand another persons language we are really not all that different from each other.

I think that Me, Too is a fun and funny story about friendship that will speak to readers of all ages. who hasn't been in a relationship that suddenly felt fragile of challenged when another person was added to the equation? This book can help that feel a little less scary, and help them include others in their friendships a little easier. The story can be used to help ease the transition of a new student into class, and to help children be more accepting of those that are different.

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