Early Book Review: Cursed by Ice by Jacquelyn Frank

Cursed by Ice is the second book in the Immortal Brothers series by Jacquelyn Frank. It is currently scheduled for release on March 31 2015. while each story can stand on its own, I think it works better if the books are read in order. As punishment for plotting with his brothers to steal immortality, Garreth is suffering a freezing torment. Every night he is frozen into a chiseled ice sculpture only to thaw and resume the chilling torture. Until, like his older brother Dethan, he is offered a reprieve from a goddess in exchange for his allegiance in a celestial civil war. While laying siege to an embattled city he meets a beautiful warrior woman named Sarielle, who commands a mythic beast through a mysterious and powerful bond. Can Gareth earn her trust, and should he, when he will have to leave again to do battle in service to a goddess?

Cursed by Ice is a good follow up to Cursed by Fire, it had the same drive and pace as the first book, and the same level of emotional depth. I liked that Garreth and Sarielle each had their own problems and complications through out the story, and that for the most part they did actually talk about them. One of me biggest issues with romance novels is when a very simple conversation could have avoided the story in its entirety. I could feel for each of the characters, even the secondary characters, and understand why they made they choices they made even when I did not agree with them. Frank held true to my expectations and gave readers strong, intelligent characters facing huge obstacles and finding their way through. Garreth has more honor and emotion through out this story than characters in some other stories display through an entire series, which makes him awesome. Sarielle is generally strong, with a few exceptions, but her heart and honor are her most enduring attributes throughout the story. I am eager to see how the third brother overcomes the odds in the next book.

Cursed by Ice is a good follow up to Cursed by Fire, and I think fans of Frank will enjoy it and be as eager for the third book as I am. I am hoping that I can get my hands on the ARC of the next installment soon, like tonight, but I do not even see a title yet on Goodreads so I suppose I will have to wait.

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