Book Review: Lovers at Heart by Melissa Foster

Lovers at Heart is the forth book in the Love in Bloom series and the first of The Bradens,  by Melissa Foster.  Resort owner Treat Braden is used to getting what he wants. Max Armstrong  sparked an unfamiliar desire in him for more than a one-night stand, leaving his heart reeling and his blood boiling. But one mistake caused her to turn away, and now, after six months of longing for the one woman he cannot have, he's going home to try to forget her all together. Max Armstrong has a successful career, a comfortable lifestyle, and she's never needed a man to help her find her way, at least until Treat Braden caught her attention at a wedding in Nassau. Max will do anything to avoid reliving that pain; including trying to ignore her attraction to Treat.
Lovers at Heart follows the pattern of most Foster books. wounded but still strong, intelligent characters try to fight the attraction for each other and then give in. Treat is an alpha male with loads of money, a solid work ethic, and a close family. Max is a strong woman that has gone through a horrible relationship in the past and feels both fear and guilt because of it. They come together, fall apart, and in the end find their happy ending with plenty of foreshadowing of how other Bradens will find and struggle with love in the future. It sounds simple, and repetitive. However, the characters are fairly complex even if consistently damaged in similar ways.

Lovers at Heart, like most Foster books, are like your favorite snack food. You start one, and crave more and more. However, when you look back you wonder why you enjoyed it so much but still cannot stop yourself for starting the next one and still craving more. Addictive romance, so if you have already read some you will likely keep going even without reading a review.

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