Book Review: Abandoned NYC by Will Ellis

Abandoned NYC by Will Ellis is a collection of photographs which capture the lost and lonely corners of New York City. There are 200 images of urban decay; uncovering the forgotten history behind New York s most incredible abandoned spaces. Readers have the chance to explore the ruins of the Harlem Renaissance, sift through the artifacts of massive squatter colonies, and find out how the past is literally washing up on the shores of a Brooklyn beach called Dead Horse Bay, and walk through the halls of abandoned institutions without having to ignore any "No Trespassing” signs.

Abandoned NYC offers readers a chance to explore places they might never haver known existed, and places that will no longer be standing as time and progress marches on. Some of the photographs are hauntingly beautiful, while others might fill you with trepidation about what the individuals in some of those locations went through while they were still occupied and maintained. I found the information on the history of the locations and details about each image to be fascinating. The research that went into this collection, combined with the photography, had me staring at the book for hours longer than I should. I was particularly enthralled in how nature is reclaiming some of these locations, and how time has changed them all.

Abandoned NYC is a wonderful book for those that are curious about the hidden and forgotten places, and for those that can appreciate beauty in unexpected places. There is a certain eerie beauty to the crumbling and abandoned places, and important reminders about humanity and our history. 

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