What Should You Read Next? Great Resources to Help Decide

I am often looking to read book by new authors or on new topics. Reviews and suggestions help, as does stopping in a library or local bookstore and browsing the shelves or asking the staff for suggestions, but sometimes I still feel at a loss. Here are some resources to help you decide what to read next.

NoveList is a resource available through public libraries to help readers find authors, titles, award winners, and author biographies. There is an author read alike search feature that allows you to search their database for authors that have similar writing styles to authors you already know and enjoy. Other services offered include book discussion guides, genre outlines to help you read more great books in your favorite genre and a popular fiction list, which gives suggested titles for just about ever genre.
BookBrowse is another reader's advisory website available for use by patrons of subscribing libraries free. Readers can search for new reads by genre, age group, geographical setting, theme and time period. Like NoveList, there is a way to search for authors that you might like based on your previous reads. 
No matter what you are looking for, be it something very specific or a vague desire for anything good, you will find suggests that meet your needs.
Overbooked is a website for readers. It specializes in literary, genre fiction information, and readable non-fiction. The site offers booklists by genre, starred review lists, author connections, and a social space for readers that often have overflowing piles of books to read but still can not stop looking for more, myself included. What I love about this website is that it is run completely by volunteers, so all reviews and suggestions come from people that truly love books and reading.

If none of these sites have helped, you find another book to read then there are still several options. Websites like Good ReadsLibrary Thing and Visual Bookshelf on Facebook can also help you decide what to read next based on you reading habits. Book clubs, librarians and random browsing in a library or bookstore can also yield good results. In the end, only you can decide what you like, but here are some tools to help you choose your next book, or bookshelf in my case.

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