Early Book Review: Rose and the Silver Ghost by Holly Webb

Rose and the Silver Ghost is the forth book in the Rose series by Holly Webb. It is currently scheduled for release on March 3 2015. Time has flown since Rose left the orphanage behind for her new family at Mr. Fountain's magical house. But when the stern Miss Fell comes to stay at the mansion, Rose can't help but notice the extra attention Miss Fell gives her. When Rose sees the flash of a face in Miss Fell's mirror-a face that's familiar and foreign at the same time-her suspicions are confirmed that Miss Fell might know more about Rose's past than she's letting on. Can a hidden picture, a silver mirror, and a timid ghost lead Rose to the truth about her family?

Rose and the Silver Ghost is a wonderful continuation to a solid series. I liked that there was significant character growth and fresh conflict that both continued the larger story arch and set up a whole new batch of problems and solutions as well. Rose and her friends face huge odds, and learn more about Rose's past and their own gifts in the process. Change can be uncomfortable, and scary, but finding answers and facing evil seem to quench that fear while in the heart of the moment. The teamwork between the friends, and the comradery they share is at the heart of the book. I rather saw the Rose family connection coming, but was surprised by the depth of trouble they faced. I was pleasantly surprised and wondering just how they would get themselves out of several situations.

Rose and the Silver Ghost is part of a series I would recommend to independent readers that like action, magic, and adventure. The characters are solid with significant growth, particularly in this installment. 

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