Early Book Review: Dino-Mike and the T. Rex Attack (Dino-Mike) by Franco Aureliani

Dino-Mike and the T. Rex Attack is the first book in the Dino-Mike series by Franco Aureliani. This is a early chapter book currently scheduled for release on March 1 2015. Michael Evans travels the world with his dino-huntin' dad, a famous paleontologist. As dad searches for and digs up dinosaur bones Mike does some exploring on his own. On one trip he winds up finding a live T. Rex! After tracking what could not possibly be real, Mike meets a mysterious kid that seems to know why and how the real dinosaur got here as well as a plan to get it back where it belongs.

Dino-Mike and the T. Rex Attack is a fun and sometimes silly read that will appeal to newly independent readers. I think my own young readers will love this book, although they will want the awesome dinosaur jacket that Mike gets from his dad in the story. Mike is a smart kid that knows a great deal about dinosaurs, and I would hope so considering his fathers line of work. While exploring the woods during his father's dig he discovers another kids around his age, a T. Rex, and an older boy. The fate of the dinosaur, and anything it might consider a meal, rests in the hands of these kids- and one wants that dino to stay right where it is. this book introduces a great new series for those first getting into chapter books as well as those that are just dino-mad. I think this book definitely has an audience and will be a hit with many in its target audience.

Dino-Mike and the T. Rex Attack has entertaining and accessible language as well as great illustrations. I think it will encourage reading with many new readers, and keep them eager to see what might happen as the series continues. An added incentive to read this book for young graphic novel fans is that the author just happens to be the Eisner-Award winning creator of Tiny Titans.

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