Picturebook Review: This Book Just Ate My Dog by Richard Byrne

This Book Just Ate My Dog by Richard Byrne is a charming picturebook. When Bella's dog disappears into the gutter of the book, she calls for help. But each of her potential helpers disappear too and she realizes it will take more than a tug on the leash to fix things.

This Book Just Ate My Dog is an interactive picturebook that is fun and encourages imagination. Bella's dog, and everyone that tries to help, disappear into the book with only the dog's leash remaining as evidence. A simple tug of that leash will not work, so it is up to the readers to follow directions and help Bella and the rest to safety. The result is fun, and engaging for readers of all ages. This would make a great book to share for story time, but not so much around bed time since it is liable to get everyone excited and laughing.

This Book Just Ate My Dog uses the physicality of the book which results in an experience that is  just plain fun! The illustrations and lettering are a perfect pair, and the interaction will excite readers of all ages. 

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