Early Book Review: When Whales Cross the Sea by Sharon Katz Cooper

When Whales Cross the Sea is a nonfiction book for children written by Sharon Katz Cooper and illustrated by Tom Leonard. It is part of the Extraordinary Migration series and is currently scheduled for release on February 1 2015. This book allows young readers to swim alongside one gray whale as she makes the longest migration journey of any mammal on Earth. The realistic illustrations and information come together to captivate and educate.

When Whales Cross the Sea is an example of narrative nonfiction done right. Readers get to join a Gray Whale on its long migration from its feeding waters to where they give birth and raise their calves through their most vulnerable days. The story includes little details that scientist know to happen, and realistic illustrations that also happen to be beautiful.

When Whales Cross the Sea is a wonderful book for sharing with children through around age nine. It is easy to understand, with beautiful illustrations and a story that informs while keeping the youngest readers interested. Animal and science lovers will enjoy it the most.

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