Book Review: The Possible Police by Wylde Scott

The Possible Police by Wylde Scott is a picturebook about inspiring big dreams and imagination in children. In this book a young child encounters The Possible Police. They will do whatever it takes to stop children from believing. In this picture book, Wylde takes your child into his boundless imagination as he fights off the possible police. Join him as he inspires children to truly believe, and teaches them that no one can stop them from doing what they dream.

It is important that we teach our children about hard work, but it is just as important that we teach them to dream, and sometimes to dream big, and crazy, and wonderful. The Possible Police is a book that shows kids how important it can be to dream the big crazy dream no matter how naysayers and others might try to stifle them. The illustrations are beautiful and colorful with a watercolor cartoon feel. I really enjoyed the book, and think it could really hit home with many families.

I would recommend The Possible Police as a classroom or shared reading book to start with. I think it is important for younger readers to have the adults in their lives, that may act as unintentional possible police on occasion, share these ideas and be reminded themselves that the creativity and imagination of childhood is wonderful. 

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