Toilet Training Books for Parents Informative Books to Help and Reassure

Toilet training is something all parents both dread and look forward to in our child's development. We look forward to having a diaper free house, but not the battles and set backs that can take place. Here are some books to read to help decide if your toddler is ready, and ideas and techniques that can help you and your child on the path to being completely diaper free.

My first suggestion to read is the Everything Potty Training Book. I picked this book up of the parent shelf at the library, along with some others, and found that it gave the best summary of everything I needed to know. It gave the expected information on how to tell if your child was ready to use the potty, and a great description of several of the most popular techniques for potty training. The overview gives parents the information and confidence necessary to work with their toddler and succeed in getting them using the potty as well as dealing with any setbacks and issues that might arise.

Stress-Free Potty Training is another book that gives the basics of several proven toilet training methods, and information to help you decide which is right for you and your child. Since every child is different, we as parents need to be open to suggestions and advise from the experts. These two books had the most comprehensive and functional information that I have seen.

For the fiercely determined, to get potty training done quickly you might be tempted to aim for Potty Train Your Child in Just One Day, but honestly, it is not really one day. The method includes laying a lot of groundwork in the months prior to potty training day, including things that might otherwise be included in the potty training process. However, the actual potty action does happen in one day. I did not actually try this intense but fun .sounding method, which hinges on an all day potty party with the child being trained, however many of the preparatory training was useful in my home, and the theory of the method does seem sound. There is also Potty Training in Less Than a Day and Potty Train in Three Days.

For a completely different tone, try The No-Cry Potty Training Solution, which focuses on methods that are more relaxed, and child driven. These methods might take longer, but are also less likely to have serious set backs and struggles than the more pressured methods. This book is ideal for people without time lines such as needing to have your child potty trained to continue in day care or go to Pre School. The process is much more relaxed for both you and your child.

For those of us with stubborn boys that know what they need to do, but don't want to stop playing on a regular basis I suggest Potty Training Boys the Easy Way which talks about all the different issues that can arise with potty training boys whether they are starting early or late.

Every child is different, and no one method will work for every child. This holds true for twins and multiples. I suggest reading several books, preferably borrowing them from a library before spending money on any and only buying the ones you find specifically useful. There are many more quality books on toilet training out there, these just happen to be some of the ones that I have read and found helpful in my quest potty train my son. I am sure that one my daughter is ready it will be a completely different experience.
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