Early Book Review: The Highland Dragon's Lady (Highland Dragon, #2) by Isabel Cooper

The Highland Dragon's Lady is the second book in the Highland Dragon series by Isabel Cooper. This historical romance is currently schedule for release on December 2nd 2014. Regina Talbot-Jones is an unconventional girl, whose family has fairly recently moved into a home with rumors of hauntings and curses. Her family has planned a rather ill-conceived séance, and her brother has invited one of his friends. She did not count on that friend being so handsome, or a dragon. Scottish Highlander Colin MacAlasdair has hidden his true nature for his entire life, but Regina has secrets of her own and soon he knows he has to have her. When everything goes wrong with the séance the pair will need to work together to save the group, and to discover is their attraction can withstand the initial spark and flame.

The Highland Dragon's Lady is a nice follow up to Legend of the Highland Dragon, made even better that while knowing the mythology and character set up from the first book made this one better- it is not necessary to read the books as a series, or even in order, to fully enjoy the characters and storyline. Regina is an unusual girl, which Colin knows on his first meeting with her- which is far from expected. She has a bit of a psychic gift of her own, which makes he understanding and rather accepting of Colins abilities. Colin and Reggie were both smart and adventurous characters, caring only about what others thought about them when it would effect those they care for. This makes them people I would want to hang out with. I liked their practicality and smarts, and their humor about the less that pleasant situation they find themselves in as a vengeful spirit, or something, is causing trouble. I really enjoyed the combination, and hope that we get to see Reggie’s brother find his own peace and relationship in a later book, even if it is as a background plot or small mention at some point in the future.

The Highland Dragon's Lady is a solid historical and paranormal romance. It is highly character and action driven, and I found myself putting off dinner making and hair brushing for my daughter a couple times so that I could read just a wee bit further. I am looking forward to seeing more from Cooper.

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