Early Book Review: Cast in Flame by Michelle Sagara

Cast in Flame is the tenth book in the Chronicles of Elantra series by Michelle Sagara. It is currently schedule for release on July 29 2014. Kaylin knows that any day that starts with dragon arguments is going to be bad, and far too many days have started that way since she returned from the West March in one piece. She does not fit in, or feel comfortable, living in the Imperial Palace. All she wants is to get back to her normal work routine, apprehending average criminals,  and a place of her own. Well, a place with a dragon as a roommate. But the newest residents of her city are having some trouble adjusting and are causing some serious problems in the fiefs. When a family argument wakes something that should have been left alone everything and everyone that Kaylin has ever cared about is at risk.

I cannot believe that Cast in Flame is book 10! Some series start to either all read the same or get so off track when they get past five or so books that I only read them because I have already invested so much time into the series. This is not the case here. i feel like this series is getting better with each book. While it is getting more complicated and metaphysical, the threat to life and limb and the importance of specific characters and relationships is growing and going strong. If you have need read the previous books, do not (I repeat DO NOT) start here. You need to start at the beginning with Cast In Shadow. Go ahead, get reading. This review will still be here when you are ready for it!

Anyone that has started this series and enjoyed it needs to read Cast in Flame. The last few books have gotten better and better. The only issue is that now I have to wait to see what Kaylin has to deal with next. 

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