Book Review: Unclaimed by Sara Humphreys

Unclaimed is the fifth book in The Amoveo Legend series by Sara Humphreys. While I have read other books by Humphreys, I do not believe that I have read any in this series. Thankfully this paranormal romance is one that can be read as a stand alone, but has the bonus of a bigger picture and already knowing some of the characters if you have read the previous books.

Tatiana Winters tries hard to be normal and loves her life as a veterinarian in Oregon, which is made a bit easier because of her abilities. Tatiana is half Amoveo, and wants nothing to do with that part of her life. It's only reluctantly that she agrees to help cure a mysterious illness among the horses on a the ranch of the Amoveo Prince. Dominic Trejada is a Guardian, one of the elite protectors of the Prince's Montana ranch. As a dedicated Amoveo warrior, he is desperate to find his mate, and time is running out. He knows Tatiana, but convincing her that their attraction is more than destiny forcing their hand while protecting her and the prince from serious threats just might be too much for this warrior.

Unclaimed is a good paranormal romance. Tatiana is a strong and smart woman with a fierce independent streak and more than a little suspicion about all things Amoveo. Dominic is an alpha male with more understanding than most, but just as big of a protective streak as you might expect from a shifter hero. Their chemistry is instant and well played, with a healthy dash of caution. There is tension, action, and mortal danger a plenty. There are also some steamy encounters. A good story and a solid impact on the larger story arch from the series.

Unclaimed is a solid paranormal romance, but does not have much to set it apart from the rest. It you are a Humphreys fan or are following this series then I would mark this as a must read, but for everyone else this is just another romance featuring shifters destined to have a single mate finding their way to a happy ever after.

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