Book Review: All for You by Jessica Scott

All for You is the fourth book in the Coming Home series by Jessica Scott. While each of these contemporary romances about members of the military can stand alone, there is a larger story arch and such high quality in these books that one read will have you looking to read all of the books.

Sergeant First Class Reza Iaconelli has two goals, to stay sober and to be a good leader for his platoon. to do this he needs everyone to pull their weight, take responsibility for their own actions, and for Captain Emily Lindberg not to tell him how to deal with his men. Emily is the newest psychiatrist on base, and she is full of questions about the army, its soldiers, and how to best help them all. Each of them is working hard to help the soldiers and find a solution to the volume of suicides and trauma our soldiers are facing.

Like the rest of the Coming Home series, All for You is starkly realistic and tells much more than a love story. Reza is a flawed hero, facing and overcoming huge odds. However, that does not mean that he can do it alone, and his journey to love with Emily and his realizations about himself and the general mental health of other soldiers is a stunning well told part of the book. Emily might have been an idealistic, young, professional when the book starts but she also has a backbone of steel when it comes to doing right be her patients. That combination of vulnerability, curiosity, and strength captures the readers along with Reza. The larger issues in the book, the problems of people abusing authority and the need for better mental health care for our military (and frankly everyone that needs it) is told in a way that helps those with no connection to the military understand more of what our men and women are going through both here and abroad.

I highly recommend All for You to all readers that are looking for realistic and heartfelt romance that focuses on members of your armed forces. I adore this series, and even those some truths are hard to read at times, this series offers sizzling romance right along side those truths. each book (and novella) has been a heart wrenching and heart warming read.

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