Book Review: Good Crooks Book Two: Dog Gone! by Mary Amato, Ward Jenkins

Good Crooks Book Two: Dog Gone! is the second book in the Good Crooks children's series written by Mary Amato with illustrations by Ward Jenkins.  If you have not read the first book in this early chapter book series then you need to know that Billy and Jillian crook are twins that despite their parent's efforts to raise them as crooks, really want to do good deeds. So the pair do their best to do good deeds without their parents noticing. In Dog Gone! the do-gooders are trying to raise money to give to the local dog shelter and somehow end up inspiring their parents to steal a dog. the dog in question turns out to be a Hollywood star with a remarkable talent for playing dead and no interest in helping the twins return her to her owners.

I got a kick out of Good Crooks Book Two: Dog Gone!, and the first book in the series. Billy and Jillian are fun characters that are as different from each other as they are from their parents. I really like that Jillian is a technology genius, and that her inventions are generally what allow the twins to save the day. It is good to see a girl in that position, rather that just being a know it all. Billy is still a bit flighty and silly, but I find that to be part of the series' charm.

Good Crooks Book Two: Dog Gone! is a book that I think readers making the transition into chapter books would really enjoy. There is adventure, some suspense, some silliness, and even some more serious moments. I really liked that underneath everything, the books are really about being true to yourself and doing good however you can.

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