Picturebook Review: Where is Fred by Edward Hardy and Ali Pye

Where is Fred? is a picturebook written by Edward Hardy and illustrated by Ali Pye. This picturebook takes readers along on a game of hide and seek as Fred, a fuzzy white caterpillar hides from Gerald the Crow to avoid becoming lunch. Fred blends in to the background in a variety of places as Gerald hunts for him, allowing readers to spot him in the droll illustrations even when Gerald cannot.

Where is Fred? is a fun picturebook that will make young readers laugh while allowing them to play hide and seek with the fuzzy little Fred. The hiding places vary widely, and are cute. The words are placed in a way that makes them part of the images, making the story that much more fun. The cartoon-like illustrations are well done and really do a wonderful job of telling the story, catching the eye, and making readers smile. I particularly enjoyed Fred's last hiding spots in the book.

I would highly recommend Where is Fred? for library, school, and home collections. Readers that enjoy humor, books with a hide-and-seek theme, nature, and great illustrations will really enjoy this book. I think it would do very well in a library or school storytime setting, as well as when read one-on-one or alone by a fluent or independent reader.

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