Early Book Review: Forsaken: The World of Nightwalkers by Jacquelyn Frank

Forsaken is the third book in the World of Nightwalkers series by Jacquelyn Frank and is scheduled for release on January 7 2014. I would highly suggest reading this series in order (Forbidden is first, Forever is second) rather than jumping in here, only because the Nightwalkers used in this series are not ones that are well know. Getting the groundwork of the mythology here will help readers get lost in the story rather than trying to figure out the particulars as they go. Frank does do a good job of getting the needed information in there, so newcomers can enjoy the book, however I think it would be a more satisfying read if approached in order.

In Forsaken, mercenary Leo Alvarez is recovering from torture, discovering the paranormal world around him, and dealing with the fact that his best friend Jackson and the woman he considers like a daughter have become host to ancient Egyptian soul. The idea of Jackson being host to a Bodywalker, the same sort of creature that tortured Leo, is hard for him to handle and has made him distrustful of anything not completely human. But the damage is not yet done, while under attack Jackson is severely injured and a Night Angel (new creature to all of us) arrives and does what she can. Leo and the Angel, Faith, embark of a journey to get help from the only kind of magic that might be able to save Jackson. While on a mission the pair struggle with Leo's distrust of all supernatural creatures, mutual attraction, and self doubt from both. Their unusual alliance is forged, electrified by sexual temptation, and together the two must unite their strengths to bring down a supreme evil.

I am typically a fan of Frank's writing. Forsaken was a solid addition to this series, but it is not my favorite book from her. Leo is a man struggling with himself. He is a mercenary with a stringent code of honor, afraid that he might cross the line. He needs to deal with what has been done to him while facing the facts about the sheer numbers and power involved in the supernatural aspects of the world around him. Faith is a Night Angel, a Nightwalker race we have not met before, and one that I think will play a big part in the future. Faith can see the thoughts and emotions of those they can see, and somehow she still is not infallible. I liked that the two were flawed, and had to come to grips with themselves before even considering coming together. The moments with the Jinn and some of the side stories within the book offered more questions than answers, though I have faith that Frank will resolved those in the near future.

I would recommend Forsaken to fans of the World of Nightwalkers series, and this series as a whole to those that enjoyed Frank's other books. While this was not what I think of as the best example of Frank's writing, it was still a good read and on that set up much of the drama and conflict that will be dealt with as the story continues.

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