Early Book Review: My Sort Of Fairy Tale Ending by Anna Staniszewski

My Sort Of Fairy Tale Ending is the third and final book in the My Very UnFairy Tale Life series by Anna Staniszewski. It is scheduled for release on November 5 2013. This is a series best read in order, so if you are just starting out I would take a look at My Very UnFairy Tale Life first.

Jenny the adventurer works hard to fix problem in fairy tale worlds. However, her search for her missing parents now takes precedence since she the information that they were last seen in Fairyland, which turns out to be a rundown amusement park filled with creepily happy fairies and disgruntled leprechaun. Jenny needs to discover the truth within Fairlyland and how the Fairy Queen seems to be glowing with power while other lands are fading away. With the help of a fairy-boy and some rebellious leprechauns, Jenny finds a way to rescue her parents. However the price might be putting all magical worlds in danger. Jenny needs to decide how far she is willing to go to put her family back together.

My Sort Of Fairy Tale Ending is the final installment of the My Very UnFairy Tale Life series, and it wraps up everything nicely without being overly predictable. As you might expect, Jenny finds her parents, but the journey to find and free them is far from simple. I enjoyed the complications and twists that the story took. The Fairy Queen was a wonderful 'big bad', and the creepy factor of an amusement park with no actual amusement but elevators in which even the guards need to throw up their arms and scream as if they are on a roller coaster and the obsession with the Cinderella's story worked perfectly. The characters, new and old, kept me on my toes and made for an entertaining and exciting conclusion to the story.

I would definitely recommend My Sort Of Fairy Tale Ending, and the series as a whole to middle grade readers. Jenny is a great character and  serves as a good role model as well as someone readers can relate to. I look forward to seeing the next series from Staniszewski, which starts with The Dirt Diary, which is currently scheduled for release in January of 2014.

About Anna Staniszewski
4121470Anna Staniszewski lives and works in the Boston area. She's the author of the My Very UnFairy Tale Life series and the upcoming Dirt Diaries series–-both published by Sourcebooks Jabberwocky–-as well as the occasional dinosaur picture book. You can visit Anna at www.annastan.com or follow her on Twitter at www.twitter.com/annastanisz.
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