Book Review: The Line by Paula Bossio

The Line is a picturebook by Paula Bossio. This wordless book features artwork that looks completely pencil drawn as a young girl finds a line. She picks it up and finds endless possibilities for fun and adventure with a simple line. With a twist and a shake of the line it becomes a slide, a giant bubble, or even a jungle vine. But just what, or who, is at the other end?

The Line is a picturebook that gives readers of all ages free reign with their imaginations. The little girl finds her line and creates all sorts of crazy scenario to play with the line. I loved the creativity and versatile nature that is inherent in the simple line. I also liked that there are no words, because here there are no words necessary to get the story across. The images and the imagination of the reader is all that are needed to portray the story. I liked that when we discover who is at the end of the line, we still do not know the identity of either player, if they are friends, siblings, cousins, strangers, or just bits of line in their own right.

I would recommend The Line to picturebook fans of all ages. Since there are no words it is fully accessible to all age groups, regardless of their language or reading skills. I think the contemplation of the line and the fun one can have with it can keep even the most philosophically challenged busy for as long as they are willing to dwell on the book.
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