Early Book Review: Born Wild by Julie Ann Walker

Born Wild is the fifth romance in the Black Knights Inc. series by Julie Ann Walker. It is schedule for release on November 5 2013. Eve Edens is one of the few people privileged enough to know the truth about just who what Black Knights Inc really do, partly because she played helped out in a previous adventure. However, you do not have to have read the previous books to enjoy this installment. Eve in very wealthy, with an overbearing father, press that hounds her every move, and is a hairs breath away from her doctorate degree. Unfortunately, she has had some serous accidents lately, and she is sure that someone is out to kill her. The only place she feels like she can turn holds its own dangers. William 'Wild Bill' Reichert was her first love, and the man she betrayed by dating, and marrying, another man while he was away. He is also a member of the Black Knights and the big brother of her best friend Becky. Together they need to find out who is behind all of Eve's bad luck, unfortunately the answer is likely closer that anyone wants to consider. When all is said and done will they give romance a second chance?

Born Wild is a suspenseful romance full of action and mystery. It also has some lengthy sex scenes and some little things that started to irk me by the end of the book, but lets talk about the good first. Bill is a strong, solid character. He is the epitome of the stoic alpha male with the heart of gold, a boy scout with strong, capable hands. He is a wonderful character that tried to do the right thing even when he feels like the person he is helping might not deserve it. His only weakness is Eve, and his long standing love and desire for her. Eve has been sheltered and had her father calling the shots for most of her life, mainly because she does not have the heart to tell him no. But, she has done a lot to better herself (defensive driving, learning to shoot, martial arts, etc) and become stronger physically and emotionally. However, all that work might go to waste if she does not find out who is out to kill her. Eve has a balance of looking innocent and weak, while being steady and strong under the surface. The tension between the pair, and the set up for the next book with another couple were done very well. As was the level of action and suspense, though I will admit tat I figured out the bad guy about halfway through the book, even though I was not completely sure on how the motives matched them until the very end.

One of the things that did get on my nerves while reading was Eve's constant pep talks to herself about 'lady balls'. Come on, I am all for a woman being strong, but why would a woman that can not even swear when her life is one the line use that kind of terminology so often during her inner dialogue? Again, she uses crass words with Bill, I think more in an attempt to shock him or herself. I have no issues with characters swearing or using crass language IF it fits their personality, and I do not think it really fit in this case. My other moment of upset can with the sex scenes. Again, I am all for some hot and steamy moments and look forward to them when well done. However, I think that this series is falling into the trap than many romance series fall into, the loss or suspense and plot for the sake of sex. Any time the main characters ignore common sense and danger and have marathon sex sessions I feel a little let down. I expect more from Walker, and feel like this series is falling into that downward spiral- though I hope it redeems itself in the next story.

I would recommend Born Wild to fans of Walker and the Black Knights series. However, if you are a reader that gets easily annoyed at either of the issues I mentioned above, you might want to pass for now. I will give Walker another chance, because she usually makes me happy, and I will let you if the series will stay on my reading list or fall away.
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