Book Spotlight and Giveaway: Phoenix by Raine Anthony

Phoenix by Raine Anthony  Synopsis
In a small town in Cornwall, a fighter and a schoolteacher meet.
Dangerous. Bad News. Killer. This is what Phoenix sees when he looks in the mirror. Shy. Timid. Afraid. This is what Eve sees in her own reflection. But when Eve looks at Phoenix she sees a strong, handsome, sensual man. And when Phoenix looks at Eve he sees a beautiful, untouchable, heavenly creature. Together they will help each other to escape the labels they have lived with for so long. Will the ghosts of their pasts return to hinder their happiness? Or will true love lead to freedom? Phoenix is a story of two lonely souls finding solace in one another’s hearts.

Excert from Phoenix:
On my way home I notice ‘the man whose name is Phoenix’ in the garden at the side of his house. He’s practicing some sort of martial art. His movements are smooth, like liquid. It’s difficult to see past all the bushes at the front of the structure, but as far as I can tell he is of above average height with dark hair that manages to be both messy and neat at the same time. He’s topless and his tanned skin shines with perspiration under the sun. His arms sway back and forth in a practiced rhythm, and I am almost mesmerized by the flow.
His form entrances me. I've never seen a person move like him before.
I feel this need to get closer, to see him properly. Clumsily, I step on a fallen branch. The second it snaps his head turns around rapidly in my direction. His intense, dark eyes meet mine for a moment and time stops. I can’t look away. He reminds me of a dangerous animal from the jungle when he tilts his head questioningly to the side, as though trying to figure out what variety of wildlife I might be. There is something about the way he looks at me that makes my pores tingle.

And then I can’t take the contact anymore. I hesitate only a moment longer before running swiftly back to my cottage.

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Author Bio:
Raine Anthony is the pen name of a British-born freelance writer. She is in her late twenties and has a number of successfully published novels under her belt. She likes pictures of birds. She is an avid reader with a love of laughter, a hatred of high heels and an indifference to a lot of things in between. Her romance novel, Phoenix, was written many years ago and almost forgotten. This year she decided give it life again by publishing it. She hopes that readers will enjoy the tale.


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