Picturebook Review: Little Mouse by Alison Murray

Little Mouse by Alison Murray is a picturebook about a young girl who has the nickname of 'Little Mouse". However, sometimes she is annoyed by the nickname and wishes it was not hers. Sometimes she likes to be as loud as an elephant, waddle like a penguin, or be as fierce as a lion. But then again, sometimes, like when she wants to cuddle with her mother, the nickname is just fine.

Little Mouse is a fun and heart warming story that most preschoolers, and there family's can enjoy. There is a nostalgic look to the book, which made it even more appealing to me.  The illustrations are very well done, and add a bit of I Spy-like challenge on the last page where readers can search for all the animals from the story hidden around the bedroom.

Reading Little Mouse can be a great opening to mimicking animal behavior or discussions about how nicknames and labels can be both good and bad, particularly when we do not allow for stepping out of those labels. I think children with vivid imaginations, those that love animals, and those that play pretend a lot will particularly enjoy this book. The book would be good for group story times, bedtime reading, or while snuggling together on a chair or couch.
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