Book Review: The Pirate's Eye, Stitch Head by Guy Bass

The Pirate's Eye, Stitch Head is the second book in this creepy but fun children's series written by Guy Bass and illustrated by Pete Williamson. Readers that have not read the first Stitch Head book will miss out on the explanation that describes how Stitch Head and the other residents of the castle came to be, and the friendship forged with a girl from the village, but the fun and adventure will not let them lose interest in the unique world. Stitch Head is still tending to Castle Grotteskew all by himself, keeping watch over Mad Professor Erasmus and helping the other creations by curing them of whatever madness they are infected by. Lost in his self pity Stitch Head spends more and more time in the room he was created in, and finds a pirate book that he remembered. Feeling completely abandoned by the professor, Stitch Head and his friends decide to make a go at being pirates. As usual, nothing quite goes as planned, but in some ways that turns out for the best.

The Pirate's Eye is a wonderful follow up to Stitch Head. The characters of the creature, Stitch Head, the professor, Arabella, and all of the other main players are further fleshed out, and there is plenty of adventure. The discovery of the pirate book and the professor's sudden absence from the castle are catalysts for the entire story. There are twists that I expected to be coming in some way, but I enjoyed the journey and was still surprised by some of the twists and turns that the story took.

i thought that Stitch Head's efforts to become a pirate were fun, exciting, and a little sad. I am not sure that the target market, 8-12 year-olds, will see the sad aspect the way I do. However, I think the larger idea of living your life only for another, with absolutely no care for yourself, might come through for them.

I recommend The Pirate's Eye to readers that enjoyed Stitch Head. I think children that like to read books that are a little different, or a little dark, with adventure and charm will enjoy this series. It kept me interested while also speaking to the part in all of us that are looking for love and acceptance to those closest to us.
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