Book Review: The World is Waiting for You by Barbara Kerley

The World is Waiting for You by Barbara Kerley is a book that asks the question "What do you want to be when you grow up?" and connects that idea to very real possibilities by showing paths from what they love to do now, to what careers those activities could later include. The vivid images of people doing these activities can encourage research,  adventure, exploration, and discovery.

The World is Waiting for You takes simple pleasures like jumping into puddles on a rainy day, and connects that image to a photograph of people scuba diving, it connects getting outside and dirty to searching for dinosaur bones, and watching the stars in the backyard to being an astronaut. While most of us that have a childhood obsession in something; such as dinosaurs, art, books, science, etc, we rarely connect those joys to the related professions and follow through with the education and exploration that could make those dreams happen. I think the combination of simple ideas and text combined with vivid photography just might inspire some kids to follow through and pursue the job of their dreams.

I recommend The World is Waiting for You for public and school library shelves. The text is highly accessible, the message one I want my kids to receive, and the photography perfectly stunning. A book that could be the key to inspiration for all ages.
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