Book Review: Only Lycans Need Apply by Michele Bardsley

Only Lycans Need Apply is the ninth book in the Broken Heart Vampires series by Michele Bardsley. Moira Jameson is an archaeologist with a painful past and a history of being considered a little off. Drake is a werewolf that you might recognize from previous installments of the Broken Heart series, but if not you just need to know that he is built and a demigod. Karn is a vampire looking to reveal the existence of paranormal people to the world, in order to take it over. When the discovery of an ancient tomb holding ancient vampires bring the three together in extremely close proximity the danger surges, and so do the sparks.

Only Lycans Need Apply holds the humor, damaged but plucky characters, and strong connections as fans expect from Bardsley. If you haven't read anything else from the series, you will not get lost with this one. Moira has not popped up in previous books, an
d this book takes readers outside of Broken Heart for a bit, enjoying university politics, archaeological digs, and relevant bits or Moria's past and connection to parakind. I really enjoyed the pyramid exploring and connection to archaeology in this installment. Moria is one of my favorite heroines, aware of her faults and fiercely protective of anyone that finds their way into her inner circle. Drake is protective and alpha male material, but I did not feel nearly as connected to him as I did to Moria through the story.

I recommend Only Lycans Need Apply to fans of Bardsley, and those that enjoy humor and heroines that have faults as well as a powerful personality that makes you wish you know them personally.
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