Summer Lovin' Blog Tour Book Review: A Funny Little Bird by Jennifer Yerkes

A Funny Little Bird by Jennifer Yerkes is a picturebook about liking yourself and the dangers of losing sight of your own value. There is a funny little bird that is practically invisible. He is sad about being ignored and decorates himself with feathers and leaves that he finds, in hopes of gaining friends. However, he soon discovers that his fancy makeover has some downsides, like being spotted by a fox and considered a possibility for dinner.

A Funny Little Bird is a beautiful picturebook that uses negative space and splashes of color to tell a story that seems simplistic, but means so much more. It is uniquely done and sweet. The idea of recognizing the value in your true self, and unique traits, is not new but is still extremely important. There is also a message about helping others, rather than just worrying about your own success, that is intrinsic here.  This story gets the message across without seeming preachy. I still felt like there was something missing, like there could have been more, but I am not sure what else I wanted to find here.

I did enjoy A Funny Little Bird, and I recommend it to picturebook fans. While I wanted just a little something more, that could very well have been from the streak of amazing books that have crossed my path rather than actual lack in this picturebook. I am glad to be part of the Summer Lovin' Blog Tour for A Funny Little Bird.
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