Early Book Review: Misty Circus by Victoria Francés, Rachel Edidin

Misty Circus is a graphic novel by Victoria Francés and edited by Rachel Edidin. It is scheduled for release on  June 25 2013. This hardcover graphic novel begins on the streets of Paris as the main character, a sad eyed little boy named Sasha, suffers two losses and then journeys out into the unknown. The story is melancholy, but still hopeful. Sasha's story is unusual, with bittersweet moments and artwork that is absolutely beautiful and poignant.

Misty Circus is a graphic novel for all ages. Our main character, young Sasha, is big eyed and fairly androgynous which leads to teasing. With the loss of family Sasha finds himself alone and in search of safety, and above all a place where he feels like he belongs. A search that every reader can relate to on some level. The artwork beautifully captures the mixture of sadness and hope in Sasha's life, and is simply enjoyable to look at.

I recommend Misty Circus to those that enjoyed Frances' artwork in the Favole trilogy, and those that are just looking for a graphic novel that is sweetly gothic, with beauty, and a unique blend of heartwarming and heart-rending.
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