Picturebook Review: The Dark by Lemony Snicket and Jon Klassen

The Dark by is a picturebook written by Lemony Snicket and illustrated by Jon Klassen. Laszlo is a young boy who is afraid of the dark. The dark is alive and it lives in his house, but usually stays in the basement. One night it comes to Laszlo's room, but not to scare him. Laszlo follows the dark and finds that it is not something he needs to fear.

The Dark is a fabulous picturebook that deals with a very common fear. Laszlo fears the dark, and studies it's habits. But, one night he has to face the dark and his fear. I really enjoyed the simple economy of text, and the illustrations that give the words and the dark life throughout the story. This might be just the tool to help some children overcome their fear of the dark, however the notion of the dark as a sentient being might just freak out some children a little bit.

I highly recommend The Dark to those that enjoy picturebooks, and those that enjoy the slightly twisted writings of Lemony Snicket. It would work well read at home and in a storytime or classroom setting. The story and illustrations are simplistic, but carry some extra power because of that, rather than seeming to lack because of it.
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