Early Book Review: I Hate Picture Books by Timothy Young

I Hate Picture Books!, written and illustrated by Timothy Young, is a picturebook that is scheduled for release on March 28 2013. Max has a large collection of picturebooks, and decided that he needs to throw them away because they just get him into to much trouble. Just how can a book get one in trouble, when an imaginative boy starts acting out what he sees in those books, like drawing on the walls or eating green ham. In his thoughts about why he hates those books, Max comes to realize just how much he loves them and has a change of heart.

I Hate Picture Books! is a book that both pays homage and pokes a little fun at picturebooks that can be considered classics. Young readers, and the adults sharing this book with them, are likely to recognize most, if not all, of the books that are hinted at in the story. I know that I saw some of my favorites, and some of the frequent picks from my own children. The humor and the love for picturebooks found through out this short book made this book lover smile.

I highly recommend I Hate Picture Books! to readers of all ages. Anyone that enjoys picturebooks on any level, will find enjoyment in this book. Despite my efforts to keep my own children from using the word hate, I just might need to add this one to my permanent collection.

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