Early Book Review: ZED: A Cosmic Tale by Michel Gagne

ZED: A Cosmic Tale by Michel Gagné is a graphic novel collection that gathers together the first four issues of the Zed series, reworked to provide a flowing story with consistent artwork. This collection is scheduled for release on February 19 2013. Zed is a young inventor, off to demonstrate his safe power source to the galaxy's leaders. However, when he switches it on, something goes wrong. Soon a sadistic tyrant, Maxuss, is on a killing spree and taking over the galaxy with Zed and the loudest metal band in the universe, Krah, are the only resistance. Zed is small, and an unlikely hero, caught in a series of events that can capture the imaginations and wit of readers.

ZED: A Cosmic Tale is the story of one young hero caught up in a situation far beyond his control. I think everyone can relate to feeling trapped by the situations around them, even if we are not the ones being blamed for the destruction of a planet and the majority of the galaxy's leaders. ZED is a self doubting hero, but is still willing to do what every it takes to make things right, even putting his life on the line and facing seemingly insurmountable odds. Thankfully, ZED has a good head on his shoulders and a spaceship that is turns out to be amazingly helpful on his quest. The artwork is fun, and perfectly paired with the story. I greatly enjoyed the explanation of how the story, and this particular collection, came into fruition.

ZED: A Cosmic Tale is a work with significant amounts humor, science fiction, and action. It is a graphic novel that I would recommend for middle school, young adult, and adult age groups. There is some violence, but it is not disturbingly graphic. The action, suspense, and larger questions about the nature of life are very well done particularly when paired with the reworked art. I highly recommend ZED to anyone that likes their science fiction with tongue in cheek humor and action.

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Charlotte said...

I hadn't ever heard of ZED, but will add it to my list of books to get my older son! Thanks.