Book Review: Tracking Justice by Shirlee McCoy

Tracking Justice by Shirlee McCoy is the first book in the contemporary romance Texas K-9 Unit series.  Eva Billows is a single mother who has learned over a hard life to rely on herself and not to trust others. Her son, Brady, is her life. Everything she does is to give him a loving and stable home, something she did not have as a child. Austin Black is a police detective dedicated to his job, and to helping others. When Eva's son is kidnapped in the night it is Austin and his K-9 partner, the bloodhound Justice, lead the charge to find him. But even when the Brady is found, the danger is only just beginning, both for their lives and their hearts.

Tracking Justice is a contemporary romance with a dash of faith based romance as well. Thankfully, the religious aspects flowed with the situations and characters, rather than jarring me out of the story. It was not expected, so it surprised me at first, but I do not think it would ruin the book for those of any beliefs. Eva's trouble laden path creates a wounded heroine, afraid to let others in because of her fear of being let down. Austin is a honorable man that does not want to miss out at a chance of real love, but does not want to disappoint a woman with his dedication to his job. Both face fears and struggles that readers can relate to on some level. The additions of a faithful dog, cute but frighten kid, and the suspense surrounding crime in an otherwise peaceful town make for an engaging and entertaining read.

I recommend Tracking Justice to readers that enjoy romance combined with action, danger, suspense, and family. Readers that enjoy a religious story with particularly enjoy the story, but readers that typically avoid such books will not be overwhelmed by that aspect of the story.
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