Book Review: Bah! Humbug? by Lorna and Lecia Balian

Bah! Humbug? is a holiday picturebook by written by Lorna Balian and illustrated by her daughter Lecia Balian. Margie is a young girl who writes to Santa in hopes of receiving a new teddy bear, as her much loved bear Herold is a little threadbare.  Her big brother Arthur thinks that Santa Claus is fake, and plots to prove it. Threats and teasing force Margie to go along with Arthur's plan. However, in the wee hours of Christmas morning Arthur just might be proven wrong, and Margie could receive a present better than anything she could have requested.

I know the Christmas season is over, but I just got to this book and had to share my thoughts. The illustrations are delightful and perfectly match the warm feelings of the tale. I found Bah! Humbug? to be endearing, and think it would play very well in families with children of many ages. This would be a great read in the weeks leading up to Christmas, and whenever sibling bullying might become an issue. During the holiday season, this book could keep believers and doubters from getting into battles, but Margie's gift could also serve as a wonderful lesson about what we really want versus what we request.
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