Book Review: Come Home to Me by Peggy L. Henderson

Come Home to Me by Peggy L. Henderson is the first book in the Second Chances Time Travel Romance series. Jake Owens has left his family's ranch in search of a new life. However, the woman he ran off with has left him accused of murder with no memory of what really happened. An encounter with a strange gentleman in a prison interview room includes an offer for a second chance, leading a group of pioneers west. Rachel Parker is a woman heading west towards Oregon with her family, which includes three young boys.  She never imagined that taking care of her family while traveling across the country would include the complication of the unusual scout, Jake, and the attraction they share.

Come Home to Me was a well crafted story, with an interesting idea. Jake is a good man that has made some bad choices. His second chance to find the right path for him leads him on a journey he could never have imagined. He is particularly well equipped to face the challenges of leading a wagon train west, but ill equipped to face his attraction and falling in love. Rachel is a woman that loves her family, and has given up everything to help hers find a better life. They both have internal challenges, societal challenges, and relationship issues to deal with as soon as they admit their attraction for each other. Even when you think you know the path the story will take, there are a couple good twists along the way.

I recommend Come Home to Me to romance readers that enjoyed Henderson's Yellowstone series, as well as readers that are looking for a quick read that will take them to a different place and time. I am interested to see where this series might go, as I enjoyed the story, but think it will be something I borrow rather than buy.
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