Picturebook Review: Oh No, Little Dragon! by Jim Averbeck

Oh No, Little Dragon! is a delightful picturebook written and illustrated by Jim Averbeck. Little dragon love to use the spark inside him to create fire as he plays. However,m a side affect of such play is that he ends up sooty and in need of a bath. Even a bath can be fun, until he gets an accidental gulp of water and dowses his spark. Little dragon is sad and worried that his mother will no longer love him is he does not have his special spark. Reassurance and love bring the dragon comfort, and the depth of a mother's love also brings back his spark.

Oh No, Little Dragon! is a book that has many great opportunities for story time.It can be used to start discussions on imagination, fire safety, bath time, and the love parents have for their children.  Dragon is an imaginative little kid, with great games and expressions.The detail of his play, including in the bath, is wonderful. His fears are those everyone can relate to, and understand.The colorful crayon style illustrations are simple and appealing to all ages, playing well for both one on one interaction and group reading.

I highly recommend Oh No, Little Dragon! for home, school, and library shelves. The story can be used for a variety of storytime topics, and highlights the amazing love between parents and children.
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