Book Review: The Recruit: A Highland Guard Novel by Monica McCarty

The Recruit: A Highland Guard Novel by Monica McCarty is a historical romance that takes place the the midst of war between England and Scotland's King Robert the Bruce. Kenneth Sutherland wants to be part of Bruce's elite guard, and will do anything to prove himself. Mary of Mar is hiding from everything including herself. She has been betrayed by the husband she loved, and the country she lives in. She just wants to live her life, maintain her independence, and do everything she can to reconnect with her son while protecting his future. When the two met under less than proper circumstances the battle begins. Mary has seen the hero sort before, and refuses to go down that path again, but Kenneth is caught off guard by her and the two collide. Can they overcome their own misgivings and the chaos of the world around them to come together in love, or are they both heading for disaster?

The Recruit is a fun and funny tale. Kenneth is an alpha male with temper issues. Mary is wiser and more cynical because of her first marriage. Both characters are well developed and had me worried for them on a few occasions. Mary is strong and smart, struggling with her own misgivings and against the culture that left women very few choices. Kenneth is a little temper heavy, but in a way that makes him seem vulnerable as well, since he does not strike at those smaller or weaker than himself as others in the story. Of course, in the end love conquers all- but not until there are some serious actions scenes, betrayal, and high emotion moments.

I recommend The Recruit to readers that like their warriors in kilts. If you also like romance that centers around soldiers, spies, or those in a black ops type service you just might want to give this book and the series as a whole a go as well. Why? , well because McMarthy's Highland Guard series is basically about a band of Black Ops Highland Warriors!  I will be looking for more of this series to fill me desires for romance reading.
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