Picturebook Review: Nighttime Ninja by Barbara DaCosta and Ed Young

Nighttime Ninja, written by Barbara DaCosta and with artwork by Ed Young, is a picturebook about one young ninja on a mission while the rest of the house is asleep. The ninja creeps through the house; climbing, clambering, and balancing before taking out his tools and getting to work. Will the nighttime ninja complete his mission for a midnight snack, or will he be ordered to a new mission, like going to sleep?

Nighttime Ninja is a fun picturebook about a child pretending to be a ninja, who doesn't want to be a ninja or a pirate? Unfortunately for the child, his listening and creeping skill do not compare with a mother's hearing and his snack-time mission must be aborted and replaced with going back to bed/ The artwork, by Ed Young, is striking. It was done with a combination of colored pencil, string, textured cloth, and cut paper. The result is bold, dramatic and often looks three dimensional because of the layers built into each page.

I enjoyed Nighttime Ninja, and think that most parents, teachers, and children will enjoy it as well. Although, I am afraid that it will give my son ideas...
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