Book Review: Marked by Kim Richardson

Marked by Kim Richardson is the first book in the young adult series call Soul Guardians. Kara Nightingale is sixteen, and on her way to being a great artist, if she can just get to one presentation. However, an accident introduces her to a new job as an Guardian Angel trying to save souls from those that would like to destroy them. She must adapt to a strange new world, to she has to help her is David, a Petty Officer in the ranks who becomes her friend. But, when unusual events led to thoughts of a traitor will her friend stand by her side just as Kara's beliefs about her life and the world around her all come into question? Can she save the organization of Guardian Angels, and herself, or will she lose the fight along with the trust of those she cares for the most?

Marked is an exciting and emotional ride. Kara thought she had life figured own. Her mom is a little strange, and she never knew her father, but she has a plan. Unfortunately fate and some interfering demons have a different plan for her. The twist and turns of Kara's very existence last through the whole book, and did occasionally take me by surprise. Kara is a strong and independent girl, which I always like in my main characters. David is a fun mix of helpful mentor, and shameless flirt, with a distinct lack of respect for authority The ending left me satisfied enough to put down my e-reader and enjoy the story but wanting to see where Kara's circumstances would take her next.

I recommend Marked to young adults and adults that like urban fantasy and coming of age stories. I am very eager to read the rest of the series. The second book is Elemental, and the series is now five books long with no end in sight. If the rest of the series holds to the quality of the first, it will be making its way into my permanent collection.
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