Picturebook Review: All by Myself by Emile Jadoul

All by Myself by Emile Jadoul is a picturebook about one young penguin earning some more independence, and his parents getting better sleep. Leon is potty trained, but when he needs to go to the bathroom at night he calls for his parents to help him. When he notices that his parents seem very tired every morning and that adults go potty all by themselves every night so he decides that he can too!

All by Myself is full of cute illustrations, and holds a wonderful message about growing up and independence. My youngest is currently going through the same struggle as Leon, so the story had extra poignancy in my house. The humor and the tone will interest children and adults while imparting the story's message. My children enjoyed the story, and my daughter is making strides in order to follow Leo's example.

I highly recommend All by Myself to family's struggling with nighttime potty trips and late night wake up calls. Kids coming to this milestone and those that recently mastered it can enjoy the story as well.
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