Early Book Review: Born To Bite by Hannah Howell, Diana Cosby, Erica Ridley

Born To Bite is a collection of three stories and is schedule for release on August 28 2012. The three romance stories feature vampires. Dark Secret by Hannah Howell unites a woman alone in the world with a vampire looking for the hunters that killed his cousin. Highland Vampire by Diana Cosby introduces a healer hunted by those that want to burn her far witchcraft to a vampire laird that has been betrayed. Never Been Bitten by Erica Ridley brings together a rakish vampire sampling the ton with an intelligent lady on the brink of disaster.

Dark Secret by Hannah Howell is the first story in Born to Bite. Murdina Dunbar is alone in the world and looking for her cousin. In her search she hears gossip and ugly rumors of witchcraft and demons. While working as a maid to fund her search Murdina is assigned to wait on a guest to the keep, one Sir Gillanders Baldwin. Rumors about this mysterious stranger arise, and Murdina gambles her own safety and hopes to find family to protect a man that might just live up to the rumors that swirl around him.

Highland Vampire by Diana Cosby is the second story. In this tale Rowan Campbell is fleeing her home, where she has been accused of witchcraft because of her skill as a healer. She comes across a man, still and looking dead, in the center of a stone circle. That man is Aedan MacGregor, a vampire that has been poisoned and left for dead in the name of ambition. They each have danger at their heels, but Rowan's blood hides a secret that could doom their relationship before it fully develops.

Never Been Bitten by Erica Ridley brings up the story of bluestocking Miss Elspeth Ramsay , who tends to disappear in to the background. When she is hired by a society miss to investigate a man suspected to be a vampire her life it turned upside down. Mr. Macane is a rake taking nips at the necks of society as he searches for a fugitive vampire. When Macane and Elspeth cross paths he initially mistakes her for his quarry, but then believes her to be a victim. Elspeth's developing bloodlust and her mother's secrets mean danger to Elspeth and her heart.

All three stories are solid paranormal romance. The characters and story lines are well developed to fit the specific length needed for this compilation. There was no one story that was lacking, although I though the ending of Never Been Bitten was a little too quick, even though Elspeth was a great character. There was no story that stood out as the best either. Born to Bite is a good collection of well-matched stories, which compliment each other and are on par with each other.

Born to Bite is a good compilation of vampire romance stories. None of the stories distinguish themselves as the best, or as fantastic, but they will satisfy the craving for historic vampires finding true love.
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