Early Book Review: The Monolith by Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, and Phil Windslade

The Monolith by Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, and Phil Windslade is a graphic novel scheduled for release on August 7 2012. This is the first collection of the series, although it was previously available through DC comics, including the first three issues. The story revolves around Alice Cohen, a young woman that has been struggling on the streets and with drugs. She inherits a large house from her grandmother, but the house comes with some conditions and a strange voice in the basement. Soon Alice discovers her grandmother's diary and some family history that will change her life forever. The diary is a story of love, justice, revenge, and a creature created to protect honest people during the depression.

The Monolith might be old news to long time fans of comics and graphic novels, but this was my first time seeing it. I liked the premise, and the use of the legend of the golem built by a Rabbi to defend honest men in dark times. I have seen other books using this legend recently, but none in the graphic novel format or for adults. The artwork is very well done, invoking the emotions and details of the story well beyond the words. The story is timeless, because there will always be people on the fringe, people taken advantage of, and people abused by those stronger. Alice shares her grandmother's name, and despite her drug issues, he desire to protect her friends. I liked the idea that the very thing that can be our protector, our salvation, can also be out nightmare. This could be the drugs that would stop Alice's detox and pain, or the creature that was formed with the intent to punish those doing evil.

I recommend  The Monolith to readers that enjoy graphic novels, a little Gothic flare, some suspense, and reexamining of legends. I look forward to seeing more of the story, and hope to get my hands on the remaining issues. The comic organically only ran for twelve issues, but I hope to find copies or latter collections to finish the story.
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