Early Book Review: Dino-Football by Lisa Wheeler and Barry Groner

Dino-Football is a picturebook by Lisa Wheeler and Barry Groner which is scheduled for release on August 1 2012. Various dinosaurs are geared up for a big football game, the Greenblades and the Redscales are opponents in the Mega-Bowl. There are  interceptions, touchdowns, field goals, tackles, and all the best of football combined with brightly colored dinosaurs. Which team will come out ahead?

Dino-Football is a fun and vivid picturebook that will appeal to young children, and the adults that might be reading with them, who are fascinated by dinosaurs, sports, or both. The action of the story gives a good introduction to the give and take which often happens on the football field. A great reading choice to precede watching the Super Bowl, or attending any sports event. Wheeler and Groner have collaborated before in similar books, like Dino-Basketball and Dino-Soccer. Fans of one will most likely enjoy the others. Explore all the sports this team has created could introduce your child to their next favorite sport or prepare them to try something new.
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