Book Review Fangs! by Alan MacDonald

Fangs! by Alan MacDonald is part of the Dirty Bertie series for young readers, between ages 6 and 9. The series includes stand alone books about Bertie, a child that seems to attract chaos wherever he goes. each chapter is its own short story, telling one of Bertie's adventures and imagination. In Fangs! Bertie is positive that the  grumpy school custodian is a vampire, he finds himself modeling while shopping with his mother, and has an hair raising experience. 

Fangs! is a fun, very simple read it would be good for capturing the interest of emerging and reluctant readers. readers that are struggling with reading, and with books that do not hold their interest will be entertain with Fangs! I think it will particularly speak to young boys and girls that are high on imagination and short on patience. the story is more about Bertie's imagination and schemes, and the trouble his ingenuity gets him into. Readers looking for more of a challenging read might get bored, but Bertie's sheer enthusiasm will capture the interest of most readers willing to give him the time.
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