Book Review: Dark Side of the Moon by Ahmad Taylor

Dark Side of the Moon by Ahmad Taylor is a suspenseful novel packed with action, deception, and a search for answers. Government Agent Derrick Thomas finds a message from his father, a fellow agent, seeking an information drop. However, as Derrick tries to deliver the message a mission goes south and his father has been transferred along with his sister. Derrick is on the hunt for his family, and the truth. Death follows in Derrick's wake as his hunt spirals out of control and everything comes into question.

Dark Side of the Moon sets the mood quickly; with disturbing dreams and a suspicion that not all is as it seems. The story jumps the timeline and voices a few times, giving a bit more detail and depth to the story and characters, although some readers might find this style distracting or confusing. I will also admit to having suspected some of the final twist along the way, but that did not lessen my enjoyment of the journey. There were a few significant surprises along the way, and many questions that I still want answered. I feel like readers are left craving more in order to strengthen the mystery of Derrick's current state and future. For instance, I would love to know what happened with Derrick's mother. Could she have been part of a larger plot, dream fodder, victim to violence, or something else completely. The questions left unanswered have stuck with me and deepened my appreciation for the story.

Dark Side of the Moon is a solid, suspenseful read that will appeal to those that enjoy action packed mystery. Readers that enjoy novels heavy on spies, government conspiracies, moral quandaries, and scientific possibilities will find themselves deep in Derrick's world as soon as they start reading.
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