Picturebook Review: The Duckling Gets a Cookie by Mo Willems

The Duckling Gets a Cookie is another fantastic book written and illustrated by Mo Willems. Have I mentioned my love for all things by Mo? NO? I must be slacking. Mo Willems is one of my go to authors picturebooks and easy readers. He has yet to disappoint. The Duckling Gets a Cookie sticks to that tradition of awesomeness.

 In this story, as you might expect, the duckling asks nicely for a cookie and receives one. The pigeon, who you might recognize from Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus and other books, is appalled and jealous that the duckling got what he asked for. He questions the duckling how he got the cookie, and rants about the unfairness of how he never gets what he requests. The pigeon does not get to drive the bus, or a hot dog party, or even the walrus that he has requested in the past. The duckling good naturedly  announces that he asked for the cookie so he could give it to the pigeon, and hands it over. It is only when the duckling asks for another cookie, this time without nuts, that the duckling and Willems give the reader a like wink and smile.

The Duckling Gets a Cookie sends good and bad messages. It shows that if you ask nicely, you just might get what you want. That is good. It also shows the duckling giving away the cookie to a friend that is upset that he does not have one. That is also good. However, in the end the cookie might only make its way to the pigeon because the duckling wants a cookie without nuts, which I totally understand because I do not want nuts in my cookies either. I know, that might be a bad lesson to teach our kids, but I think its rather funny. I know my kids loved the book, even though they ask for peanuts in everything- though that could just because they cannot have them at school.

I recommend The Duckling Gets a Cookie, and everything with Mo Willem's name attached, to everyone. The art is cute and the stories are simple but funny.
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