Book Review: Wolf's-own: Ghost by Carole Cummings

Wolf's-own: Ghost by Carole Cummings is a complicated and compelling work of fiction. There are secrets and conspiracies to uncover while discovering a new world filled with Gods and their crossing paths and laws. Fen Jacin-rei is an Untouchable, no one is supposed to aid or hinder him but people have definitely interfered in his life. He has been trained as an assassin as he learned to stay in control with the voices of the Ancestors ringing in his head. Kamen Malick is an assassin in his own right, and his own rules to follow. Malick wants to discover what lies under Fen's control will working towards his final goal, vengeance against a powerful man that uses others to gain even more power. However, was their meeting engineered, or simply fate that will lead the to find more than justice? As the secrets unfold, a bigger picture becomes visible, and no one is happy with what it shows.

Wolf's-own: Ghost
is the first book in a series. My feelings are torn on how to talk about this book. Let me start with saying that I will definitely be reading the next book, Wolf's-own: Weregild. Now down to the nitty gritty. When I started the book I seriously felt like there must have been a book before Ghost, the world was built and solid but I felt like I did not know the world. Even after having finished the book, I am not sure that I have the full feel of the world, the gods within it, and the languages. Then there were all the flash backs and changes in point of view, which raised my frustration level a little more. However, the characters really captured my attention and drew me in completely.

Sadly, just when I thought I had a full grasp on all the players and the full scope of what was happening, the book ended. This left me with a bit of cliff hanger anger, but I still will follow through and keep reading. The characters are quirky and fun. Malick's team is a strange family unit, which really interested me. Each team member had their own issues, and own stories to tell, which I enjoyed. The relationship between Malick and Fen progressed perfectly and kept me reading. I am looking forward to seeing where all the set up found in Ghost takes readers.

I recommend Ghost to fans of fantasy. The love story that is told through this book, and hopefully through the series is just about perfect. However, readers that would be offended by romance that does not fit the traditional man/woman relationship should skip this series. The characters are very sure of their sexuality and there is no big deal made of homo or heterosexual relationship. It is written as just part of life, as it should be rather than a point of contention.
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