Picturebook Review:Little Pig Joins the Band

Little Pig Joins the Band is a picture book written and illustrated by David Hyde Costello. This fun book follows little pig as he tries to keep up with his older, and larger siblings. He is tired of being small, and told he is too small to do things, and being called 'Little Pig' rather than his name. When Grandpa brings out the box of musical instruments for the pigs to play with he is very excited. However, he soon discovers that he is too small to play any of the instruments. As his larger siblings test out their instruments and try to march, the little pig discovers that he can play a very important role after all.

Little Pig Joins the Band is a fun, and delightfully illustrated, picturebook. I think children will easily relate to being 'too small' to do the things they want to do. They will enjoy the misunderstood words and funny misunderstandings that arise as he asks for small instruments to play. Those of smaller stature, like myself,  will get some satisfaction of seeing the little pig step up and take charge. The lesson of letting people of all sizes and abilities take part is well sewn into the story, and does not seem overdone or preachy to the audience.

The classic illustrations and smaller print for the conversations the little pig has with his family might make this better for sharing a single child or smaller groups. It is perfect for a bedtime story or during some serious one on one time. I recommend reading this with your favorite young children, and enjoying little pig getting to have his special role in the family band. I think children of all ages and sizes will enjoy the story.
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